About Us
The Company is formed in the year 1999 in the name of "SPPL" having its manufacturing unit (shifting to excise free zone). The prime company has so many divisions and firms; hence, it has been merged with "Group of Companies" in one banner. The subsidiary units are Renaissance Remedies, Saturn Biologicals, RMA, Globe Pharma, & Critical Care with R&D section.

A. Recently enforced Divisions are (ONCO & NEURO).

B. The Company has to cover entire India operation by March 2022.

C. New Export licence is in process.

D. The Company has Institutional supply to various institutes of the states.

E. The Company has four (3) Directors. Mr. S.K. Sandeep is designated as Managing Director, Mr. S. Patel as Director (HR & Logistics)& Mr. N.M. Reddy as Production Head.

F. The Company is backed by highly qualified professionals of Sales and Production & Technical experts.

G. The Company motto is to satisfy C&A with timely goods supply/ credit note/ breakage expiry settlement as per Company norms & proper communication to mentain adequate inventory with C&A.

H. The company one of the Division (RMA) has tie-up with multinational companies for all India Marketing Rights.
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